Betrayal in friendship is real and I pray it never happens to you.

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I was 9 when we first met. We were friends in church all through our ages 10-12, preteens and part of our teens classes. We would spend time reading the Bible and our children’s manner in preparation for Bible quiz competitions which we always aced. He was like a best friend to me.

When I was thirteen, he told me he liked me and I laughed over it. He repeated same a few months back and I said Fred why won’t you like me? Everyone likes me. Yes His name is Fred.

A while later, my guardians were transferred to a new church and I said goodbye to Fred and all my friends and moved on. We lost contact and didn’t see each other for years.

Then one day I accompanied my aunt who was visiting to camp(church) and I ran into a few friends from my old church, including Fred. Needless to say, I was super excited and I asked about the rest and was told they had a lodge they were all staying for the duration of the program.

I immediately asked to see them and Fred along with another friend Nedu offered to come show me the lodge later on. I left filled with gladness and anxiously waited for Fred and Nedu to arrive.

Later that night, Fred came to where I was and said we could go to the lodge Now. I asked about Nedu and he said nedu was still busy sharing food as he was in charge of welfare, so he sent him. We left for the lodge, a while later, Fred deviated from the major road and I asked him why?. He replied that this way was shorter.

We had barely walked there for up to 5 minutes before he pushed me on the grass and pinned me down.

Oh I fought, I thrashed about helplessly as it dawned on me that I was about to be raped.

When my strength failed, I resulted to begging. I cried as he slapped me and told me that I made a fool of him when he told me he liked me. I was just 13 then, What did I know? I asked Fred.

But he didn’t listen as he struggled to unbuckle my belt whilst the other hand was firmly pressed down on my mouth.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be raped that night, that I would be disvirgined on top of grass. All my thoughts of losing my virginity to someone I loved on a very beautiful day left my mind.

At that hopeless moment, I said Dear Lord, will you let me be raped on camp grounds? Then I silently prayed for help with the last gleam of hope I had.

Luckily for me, a security man came along, flashing his torchlight and shouting at the top of his voice who’s there.

Fred took off and I quickly ran as well as the security man came after us. I am sure he thought we were two recalcitrant teenagers getting up to nothing. If only he knew.

As I walked back fred came out of hiding and said he was sorry, it was the devil’s doing. That I should let him take me back to the lodge and this time he won’t try anything funny. I told him at this point, I would rather ride with the devil than go anywhere with him. He eventually left.

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It’s been 5 years since then and I still trust no man!….

Friendship is a beautiful thing with the right people.

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I am a sucker for love and friendship. I love to have people I can be “me” with and I have talked about my love for friends severally on this blog like in my 10 things about blogging series. I have also been opportune to have some very amazing friends. This post isn’t to say friends are bad, it’s just to talk about those friends that end up betraying you or those that hurt you beyond words.

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What others have to say

For the sake of this post I have taken time out to ask a few people if they have been betrayed by friends before and I have gotten several replies and funny enough almost everyone I asked had a story to tell but for the sake of this post, before it becomes too long, I will only be publishing two stories.

Hezekiah says:

I had a friend, a very good friend or so I thought. He came to me with a job proposition, I was to do the job while we split the profit. I went ahead to do the job using my tools, materials and all only for him to say he would give me 20% after we had agreed 60-40.

Anyway till today, he hasn’t given me a penny. You might say Why Was I foolish, why didn’t I ask for payment before service but that’s what friendship does, you make sacrifices, you trust people and then they throw your trust and kindness right back at you.

Roselyn says

So you know I told you I was getting married November 2016 and when you asked me what happened when the wedding didn’t take place, I refused to say. Well back then a lot of people made it look like it was my fault, like I wasn’t sharp or smart enough and so I hardly spoke about it or gave explanations to my friends about why the wedding was called off. That story is the biggest betrayal I have ever experienced.

My birthday was June 17th and my boyfriend organized a small party for me. While I was getting ready, I went to my friend/neighbours place for her to help me comb my weave. She asked to tag along to the party and I agreed. We first went to a diner where surprisingly my boyfriend proposed to me.

I was shocked because we just started dating January that year. Afterwards we went to a sit out or bar to celebrate as suggested by divine(my neighbor).

It was a beautiful night, we drank, we danced and I had a wonderful birthday especially because I was excited about getting married soon. When we left for the hotel we were to lodge in because it was too late to return back to where we lived, Divine begged me to sleep in the room with her instead of with my boyfriend just turned fiance because “she was too scared to sleep in a strange place all by herself “.

Anyways I spoke to my boyfriend and told him to expect me later in the night, I was going to sneak out and come spend the night with him when divine had slept off. So we went down to the reception and asked for another key and I took it along with me to divines room.

However, as we got to the room, it didn’t take 10 minutes after my head hit the pillow, I was asleep. Blame it on the too many drinks, over excitement and weariness.

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Long read but please read to the end.

Two months later, we had picked our wedding date and we were in the process of printing out invitation cards and booking wedding vendors.

Divine constantly asked about our wedding preparations and I filled her on all the details. She was always so excited for me or so I thought. I was very excited for her too as she said she was pregnant for her long time boyfriend and would be getting married around the same time with me.

In fact we planned my wedding together. She helped me choose decor, asoebi colour and so on. If only I knew she was planning to be the bride on my wedding day.

On September 3rd, 2016, I received a call from my fiance telling me to come over to his family house. I got there only to find divine.

She announced she was pregnant for Jerome( my fiance). Apparently that night of my birthday while I slept, she took the spare keys and went over to Jerome’s room. They had sex and she had photos of them in bed naked.

Jerome said he didn’t know I wasn’t the one who came into the room that night until the next morning when he woke up. He said divine told him not to bother about it, it was a mistake and there was absolutely no need to raise dust by telling me.

She then said she couldn’t have a baby out-of-wedlock or in secret so Jerome must marry her or she will release the photos to his church group whatsapp. His parents are ministers and I bet they didn’t want their sons nudes flying around.

They are legally married now however I can’t say happily married because Jerome and I still have things going on. Don’t even try to judge me, that b***h stole my joy but not my man. She has his title, I own his heart and life goes on, at least till I am done dealing with her.

Betrayal in friendship
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Friendship and betrayal

When I set out to write this post, I didn’t expect the feedback I got from my Instagram story or from people I asked. Friends can do the unimaginable , break your trust and betray you but still some friends are super amazing and I will be sharing amazing things friends have done, on the blog Next Week.

If you have a friend you will like to celebrate by sharing stories of amazing things they have done for you please send me a mail at gyifted @gmail.com or send me a dm on instagram @gyifted.

P. S The above stories are real and not fiction, however names have been changed.

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend or friends?  Do you have a story to tell?.  The comment section is open,  share with us.


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  1. I don’t have friends so I can’t exactly have anything to say about how terrible they can be. I would have to continue being the friend from a distance or friends apart kinda person because I hear stories like this everyday!!

  2. Wow, you write so well, no one can ever get tired of Reading, I’ve never had any bad experience or evil friend, I know right, I’m very lucky, I know how to pick my friends and I’m always comfy with my small circle.

  3. Wow. Roselyn’s story. Wow. Some friends are scum lol. I honestly try to not put too much expectations in humans. Like, I hardly get surprised which is why I don’t exactly have any betrayal stories to tell. I like the fact that you’d be posting about amazing things friends have done. It’s a perfect blend. xx
    A Literary Conversation | JANUARY

  4. Wow! Some friends can really be monsters! Thank God I haven’t experienced such and I pray I don’t. Is the near rape story real? If it is, I’m happy the security man was there. One can never be too careful in this life!

  5. I can relate to this post on so many levels because I have had several cases of friends betraying my trust. Thank God I finally found my peace and self love and I am able to pick up my life and do expolits. Your best friend is truly yourself.

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