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Top 10 Nigerian YouTube bloggers

It was so difficult trying to come up with these list because of the number limit. Nigeria has got a lot of bloggers on YouTube or YouTubers as they are fondly called. I have learnt more about my country simply by watching these YouTube channels as they are unashamedly propagating the Nigerian culture, cuisines, music, beauty and lots more. So without further Ado here are my top 10 favourite Nigerian YouTube bloggers. In no specific order, I will be talking about them and what I love most about their channels. DIMMA UMEH: Real name Chidimma Umeh is a popular Nigerian lifestyle and beauty blogger. She is a self taught make artist who was formerly know as THATIGBOCHICK. She is known mostly for her signature Ankara inspired makeup looks and over the years DIMMA has served us with different gorgeous make up tutorials and recently she started Vlogging and Is currently on vlog number 8. DIMMA is well known for her simple yet detailed and relatable tutorials. DIMMA comes at number 1 for me because I love how much she makes us see the human side of her like when she makes pronunciation mistakes or bursts into a fit of fluent Igbo language. RONKE RAJI: The melanin goddess herself, Ronke makes makeup look so interesting. She is a naturalista and she always Serves hot hair goals together with her terrific makeup looks. Ronke’s Instagram feeds us endless display of pure African gorgeousness as she never fails to constantly dish out hot looks… well what else do you expect when her fiance is also Her photographer. Ronke x Sir Artur. #relationshipgoals . Peak Mill: Multi talented blogger, peak mill was one of the first YouTub channels I came across and I got hooked. Peak mill makes the most gorgeous wigs ever and when she isn’t doing wig tutorials then she is doing a MAKEUP tutorial or a look book. If you come across her channel you would enjoy the beautiful Nigerian jams she plays in the background. When you think of peak mill you think of creativity… Imagine someone who effectively makes her hair by herself. Vivian Okezie: She has got to be the queen mother of Vlogging, Vivian youtube channel is goals. She is a fairly new youtuber who has amassed over 12k subscribers in a short while. I don’t think words alone Can describe how awesome her channel is, you have to see it for yourself. Omabelle: You don’t need to even listen twice before you know she is Nigerian, she has the Eastern Nigerian accent and she is one of the strongest people I have come across on YouTube. Omabelle despite her really troubled and challenging skin issues goes ahead to create gorgeous makeup looks. If you are struggling with acne scars and all then this channel is a must for you. Toni Olaoye: If you have ever come across her channel, then you should be well accustomed with her introduction. I’m Toni, Toni olaoye and if this is your first time stopping by you are most definitely welcome…… Toni is Nigerian-Canadian based beauty blogger who shows how you can achieve different makeup looks. I love how she plays with colours and creates different looks on each tutorial. Kiittana: Queen of protective hair styles, This blogger is a naturalista who shows how-to DIY your protective hairstyles and all. She is fun and so playful, her videos are always full of life. Patricia Bright: Lifestyle blogger who gives her honest opinion on a lot of products. If you are looking for a youtuber that reviews all things fashion and beauty then Patricia’s channel is goals. With over 1 million subscribers she is definitely one of the biggest Nigerian names in this YouTube business. Jackie Aina: I know most of you have been searching for her name, She is without doubts the black beauty queen of YouTube. Jackie gives YouTube tutorials on makeup and also does lots of makeup reviews. With over a million subscribers too and lots of faithful followers, she is definitely the queen. I love that she constantly rebuffs black makeup myths like blacks can’t wear red lipstick or certain colours. She is also selfless and encourages other YouTube bloggers. Sisi Yemmie: Woman, Mama, wifey and chef extra-ordinary. Sisi yemmie is responsible for always torturing my stomach with her mouth watering meals.. I think she derives sit much pleasure from making Her subscribers salivate and wish they live in her house. Lol.. Her Vlogs are very educative and entertaining. I am always running to go watch her Vlogs anytime I see a notification. There you have it, Top 10 Nigerian YouTube bloggers. There are still a whole lot of others I love like Duito Ajoku, freedom styles, Kelechi mgbemena etc. These women have in different ways educated and entertained me and I hope some day I can do same to others. Although they are usually responsible for the death of my mobile data, I can’t give up watching these channels for any reasons.

Who are your favorite YouTube bloggers and what do you love most about them?.

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  1. Love the compilation!!💕 Ronke, Kiitana and Toni are my faves… I just started watching Viv recently, shes doing good. I’m going to check out the others for sure🙌

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