public display of affection on social media


Public display of affection on social media.

They usually come in formats like this;

Life was empty and fruitless until you came and filled it with lots of happiness and wonderful memories.

You are the best man/woman in the world, I can’t possibly live without you, Fam, meet my Bae.

And then sometimes

2weeks later you see

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This post was inspired by my Facebook news feed.

I was Scrolling through my facebook feed last night I came across a friend’s post, where she talked about how men are scum #excuse my French.

I began to wonder what went wrong considering a week ago she posted a lovey-dovey photo of her and her boyfriend, telling the whole world of her undying love for him and how he treats her like a princess….

she even said her heart would stop beating any day he leaves her.

Well it looks like things have gone south.

It got me thinking about public display of affection on social media, is it a good or a bad thing? Is it something to do or not?.

Basically I understand that love is a really great feeling and it can be very overwhelming and all you want is for the world to see the person behind your happiness hence public display of affection on social media begins.

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However if you follow up on celebrity news especially that of Nigerian celebrities you would find out that when a celebrity’s relationship fails, most people would blame it on social media and say they were showing off too much and things like that.

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The question I don’t understand with such blame us if it’s a bad idea to show your love life on social media?.

I mean it’s my boyfriend or husband and I can do as I please right?

Most people don’t think so, they feel public display of affection should be a NO for different reasons.

Some guys wouldn’t put up any picture of their spouse or girlfriend on social media because of reasons like they want to have the liberty to meet other People without carrying an ” I am in a relationship” tag on their heads.

Some ladies wouldn’t put up photos of their boyfriends or husbands because they don’t want wolves to snatch them.

Some especially the single ladies would say things like ” I can’t put him on my social media because we are not married, let his picture not chase my future husband”

public display of affection on social media
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I totally agree


Some others deeply value their privacy and want to keep certain aspects of their lives a secret.

So what is your take on public display of affection on social media?.

Mine goes thus:

I cannot put a photo of my boyfriend and I in a sensual position on the net simply because I value my privacy..

However I most definitely would post a photo of him once in a while like on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary or as appreciation because he took me on vacation to Cancun or some other fancy location or did something spectacular.

But to just wake up one morning and post a picture on facebook or instagram of me and MR kissing…. is a big NO.

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Not that I condemn those who do but I would love to hear from you all if this is something you would do or not?.

So would you show the world your lover or would you rather it be a secret?.

If YES, please do tell us why and if NOT, I would love to know your reasons.

Join the discussion, please leave your comments below.

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  1. Honestly it differs from person to person but what I feel is,if you are truly in love,you won’t have time to post up cause u busy loving yourselves and living life. Like they say the best moments are not even documented often times

  2. My love life has to remain with me..I don’t have to advertise my lover to the whole world before truly display my affection towards her!

    A big No for me!

      1. I will first make her understand my way of showcasing love.but if she still insist..then I’ll have to oblige her if I truly love her!

  3. For me personally, I don’t want sand sand in my garri like Nigerians will say, so the world will know there’s bae, but they don’t have to know who bae is. Having people in ones relationship is not healthy, especially now that everyone is a relationship adviser

  4. I think it totally depends on the individual, it could work for some and otherwise for some others. I can only post pictures on his birthday and might not even give a clue of the relationship, I love my privacy.
    There are two ladies I follow on instagram, Powede Lawrence and Tuke Morgan, the former got married recently and I patiently went through her feed and saw no pic of the husband. Tuke is engaged and the story is the same with her.
    But sincerely, some things just need to be kept to oneself till it blossoms (marriage) when you can post whatever of you both.
    Again, it depends on the individual. I’m sure there are some people it works for.

    1. Wow… If you didn’t mention it I never knew Tuke Morgan is engaged.
      Wow…. Congrats to her.

      Totally key into your opinion.
      It depends on what rocks your boat.

      Thank you for stopping by 😘

  5. Let’s keep what’s private, private, displaying love publicly will only give way for public opinion in a relationship which isn’t very good

  6. I’d like to disagree with a number of people, a lot actually. There’re countless number of people who express or if you like show off their relationships and love for their partners on social space and still have an amazing love life regardless. The problem is not exposure, the problem is managing each other and other people’s opinions because they will be there whether you show off or not.
    However, privacy is relative. My person for example is extremely – to the word – private. ‘Almost nothing’ about me goes on social media, relationship or anything else. But it’s not against ethics to also once in a while throw up a picture of bae and/or ‘myself and bae’ and make a one line statement for example. Simple pic, simple statement, then move on.
    It doesn’t necessarily have to be captioning, all kisses and hashtags and what have you. Just simple. Bae understands, and appreciates it.
    For example, bae will read this and has probably spoken her opinion too or will do, but y’all don’t know.

  7. Very interesting post I must say, I learnt the hard way, I never put up any kissing photo or the sort, but just putting a photo up cos; die hard romantic. When the relationship crashed, deleting was hard cos nosy Nigerians and my ‘henemies’ had a good laugh, so I deleted my IG page and started afresh. Right now, if I had a boyfriend or rather when I do, I’d put photos occasionally and abeg no sweets words till its blossomed into marriage. sings like a thief in the nightand waltz off.

  8. Gift this is an interesting topic. I think one other thing to consider is those in the relationship . While some are cool with being private, others want the “whole world” to know. My concern especially is how sustainable the relationship would be on the long run, i don’t like the idea of today you are loving up while tomorrow it’s verbal abuse on social media. You can make exceptions on birthdays or days you just want to appreciate them other than that, keep your relationship private.
    Personally I like to keep things hush hush but bae wants the whole word to know, but we eventually agreed to keep things private except on occasions where we tag each other on some love inspired quotes on Facebook but that’s our thing still. Different strokes for different folks.

    Ps: had no idea tuke Morgan is engaged, that’s amazing!

  9. It not necessary. Birthdays and the likes are understandable. Trying to show the whole world using social media platform of his /her affection does not guarantee a sustainable relationship.

  10. I don’t buy the idea either but what I know for sure is that ” whether you post a picture of your lover or not, a relationship that wouldn’t work out will sure break and the ones that will work out will.
    As for me, I value my privacy and I believe in evil eyes you know 😂

  11. I really don’t believe PDA on social media destroys relationships. Everyone is different; some know how to love quietly and some don’t. Personally I post once in a while depending on how it’s ‘doing’ me at the time. Lovely post

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