Product review: Classic foundation | Yay or Nay! 

Product review: Classic foundation | Yay or Nay! 

Hello people, today I am doing a cosmetic review for affordable foundations in Nigeria.

Classic makeup USA is a very very popular product in Nigeria and it retails for about N2000 to N2500.

It is a mattifying foundation and it has full coverage because it is a concealing foundation. that is, it is a foundation + concealer all in one.

The classic foundation has a creamy consistency and it comes with a pump for easy dispensing.

The pump

The pump is so terrible as far as I am concerned because the foundation itself isn’t so light, the pump does a bad job at bringing out the foundation, you would have to press continously to get the foundation out.
This foundation is meant for people with oily skin because it has a matte finish. However people with dry skin can use this foundation with the aid of a hydrating primer. I use my zaron primer whenever I am applying this foundation.
The bottle this foundation comes in is made of glass and hence can break when not handled with care.

The foundation has five different shades. 1-5, one is the lightest and five is the darkest of the darkest. Lol.
This foundation is easy to blend, I use my hands, foundation brush or beauty blender and it works just fine. A little bit of foundation goes a long way.

However, I found out that it’s wearability level is not long lasting… This foundation starts to break between 4-5 hours of wear.

The foundation gets 6/10 from me for being affordable, mattifying and easy to blend.

This is how it looks
Half way through blending
The finish product. See how smooth it looks.

This foundation is a definitely YAY!

  • LOVE,


***have you ever used this foundation before? Then don’t hesitate to share your experience with me.

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    1. I love the foundation. It is affordable and it does the job. I totally forgot about the authentication code in my post . I did the same thing when I bought mine.

      Good to see you stop by. 👍

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