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know your online shopping correct measurements

When it comes to shopping online, count me absolutely in!

I love how all it takes is your mobile phone and some internet data, no crowd, no haggling, no noises.

Sit at home and be opened to varieties and some of them are even discounted.

The only problem I sometimes have is this 👇.

know your online shopping correct measurements
how hilarious is this? but they actually happen when you dont know your right size.

It’s such a disaster when you end up buying the wrong size of clothing.

I know most online shops accept returns But really who wants to go through such procedures….. I mean all I wanted was a dress!

Worst part is when you have an important event to attend and such happens, all your plans to walk in and serve looks just get flushed down the drain 😢.

So after buying series of under sized and over sized clothes, I finally settled down to actually learn about measurements for different countries and that’s what i am sharing with you all today, My secret weapon for online shopping.

What you would need for this tutorial.

know your online shopping measurements

  1. A measuring tape

  2. Writing materials and

  3. Patience

The best way to know your online shopping correct measurement is to take a record of your body’s measurement.

You can always take these measurements yourself or ask a friend to help you with to ensure more accuracy or just ask your Tailor for your size chart.

For women.

As a woman, you need to measure the following.

  1. Bust

  2. Arm

  3. Waist

  4. Hips

  5. Length

Always ensure you wear a good fitted bra when taking your bust measurements.

Now after taking those measurements make sure you write them down somewhere safe and handy, my best option is definitely on your phone or laptop.

How to know your online shopping correct measurement is easy as ABC once you have gotten your body measurements.


Now you move on to the measurement chart and check which best suits your size.

Now bear in mind that sizes vary from country to country and so I have provided an international shopping size chart that covers the UK, US, GERMANY AND ASIA.

know your online shopping correct measurements

know your online shopping correct measurements

So if you get a measurement that looks like this.

Bust- 40

Waist- 30

Hips- 41

Then according to the chart, the right size for this measurement IN the US is 10 and 14 in the UK.

p.s that’s my measurement, so if you want to gift me a dress, you know my size already…. so what are you still waiting for(lol).

Material also affects measurements.

Cotton shrinks while spandex expands.

So when shopping for spandex it’s advice able to buy a size smaller than yours so when it expands, it wont look bogus.

Follow these tips and trust me you will never have any online shopping fails again.

To learn more tips for shopping online check out Dear Salmah’s tips on how to shop smartly online.

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Have you ever had any online shopping disaster?. Please share, I definitely would love to hear about it.

And I will appreciate if you mention some good online shopping sites you have used before.

Love, Gift.

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  1. Lol this is so apt! I always check size charts when shopping online, it’s so very important girl. Can’t come and be looking like Obioma sewed a dress for me abeg!
    Thanks for this tip!

  2. Online shopping? Nope thank you! Online window shopping? Yes! Please… Lol
    I’m more in tune with the physical than visual when i shop. I like to feel and try out things especially shoes when shopping. Online can’t provide this option for me, so i’ll pass.

    Knowing one’s measurement is really important especially when a friend wants to buy you clothings online and then calls to ask you and for when you win clothing freebies online. It would be insane not to.

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