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Hello lovelies,

My university had it’s annual trade fair that comes up every second semester of an academic session.

The trade fair is an opportunity to find great stuff for less… and I am a lover of good things for less.

So, I have been waiting impatiently for it to actually begin and finally it did.

Trade fair kicked off on the 17th and it’s on for the next two weeks.

I went on the very first day after my morning class but nothing was really happening just basic set up and all. So I just eye feasted and left.

I returned on Wednesday by chance after another morning class by 9am and this time around I bought a few things.

This year’s trade fair was dull and not really lit like the previous ones. Not enough traders and students were not thronging the place as usual.

One bad thing about my campus trade fair is that some stuff are “no-go-areas” because of their exorbitant prices.

Clothes and hairs are extremely on the high side and not even a PhD in bargaining would save you.

Even though I have gotten really lovely wears previously from the trade fair, this time around I didn’t.

Two things took me to the trade fair

  1. Cosmetics
  2. Jewelries

The cosmetic stands were literally heaven for me and I purchased some makeup.

Jewelries didn’t work…. 😔….. there were only two stands for jewelries…. one with washed up/faded jewelries..i was petrified that they even brought them out for sale because they looked like things that belonged in a trash can…smh!.


I couldn’t get my set of rings which was one of the items I really wanted to purchase.

Anyways, I got makeup and even though I have basically all I need to get a good face beat…. I still want more(you can’t get enough makeup products)lol.

I got this very affordable eye-shadow that Surprisingly turned out to be really pigmented

The eyeshadow sold for about 700 Naira.

I also bought these lip glosses because they looked great and tasted good (yeah yeah…. I fall under the category of those that love really sweet lip glosses)

They are classic makeup products which are really popular in Nigeria. I did a review on their mattifying foundation, click HERE.

At first the seller was like 600 Naira for each But I eventually bought all three for 900 Naira( please don’t ask me how I did it.. lol).

I loved the glosses although the purple turned out colourless for me because I didn’t even see the slightest shade of purple when I applied it.

I also got an eye pencil and that was all.

The trade fair isn’t over yet… so I might still go shopping.

Have you ever been to a trade fair? What was your experience like and What did you purchase at the fair.

Leave your comments below.

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  1. You got 3 lip glosses for 900 Naira? Omg! That’s an awesome bargain i tell you. From the pics, the place isn’t bubbling at all. Love your beauty haul though. Looking forward to more hauls from the fair. Nice post!

    1. I shocked myself with how low I bargained that day….. 😂
      The good part was they yielded good results.
      More hauls from the fair won’t happen because I found out the Nubian pallette by Juvia’s place I wanted to purchase wasn’t really original(you know those close to But not original makeup products).
      But I got some nice accessories and denims.
      Thank you for stopping by Dearie 😘

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