Skinny girl in transit is back!

So last week Friday, Ndani TV released the fourth season of their hit show, skinny girl in transit! Please don’t say you haven’t ever heard of it. Lol

Skinny girl in transit
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Okay for those of you not familiar with the show especially those in the United Kingdom and United States were I get most of my traffic from, skinny girl in transit is an online TV series about the life of a young plus size lady by name Tiwalade, the series is a chronicle on her struggles with being plus size, finding husband, dealing with office enemies and an over zealous mother.

Season 4, Episode 1.

Tiwa Is still on her slim-fit journey and she is still with her sweetheart from last season, her boss turn boyfriend, Mide(he Is a major hottie) their love is growing so fast and

Mama Tiwa Is already expecting a ring as her foremost agenda is to see Tiwa married. Well the ring didn’t come but something else did, Tiwa found out her long time office rival has been involved in a scandal.

Episode one didn’t cut it for me, I mean there was no boom “we are back” effect, it was just plain and too short! I was honestly disappointed.

Episode two came out on Friday but I didn’t get the chance to watch it until last night.

Skinny girl in transit
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Episode 2

Tiwa’s New boss gives her Hadiza’s sack letter(remember the one involved in a scandal), Tiwa Is reluctant to inform Hadiza about this until Hadiza pushes her.

Others are reading 👉   HABITS I AM TRYING TO GET RID OF. 

Next scene daddy Tiwa Is back and Tiwa tells him all that has been happening since he traveled, her sister Shalewa comes in and tries to steal the attention from Tiwa to herself.

Fine boy Mide arrives and takes Tiwa out where he gives her a foot rub and they do all the lovey dovey thingy until Mide informs Tiwa that the new competitor in town is a guy called Fabrice………………….

Tiwa chokes on the berry she was eating and trust me you would choke too if you know the details.

Fabrice was Tiwa’s one night stand when she travelled for an official assignment in season 3, talk about the past coming back to haunt her.

Episode two was more of the drama I know skinny girl in transit to be and it was considerably way better than episode 1.

I hated fact that they had to let Hadiza who is played by INDIMA OKOJIE go….

well if you are NIGERIAN, you should already know another series on dstv, BATTLEGROUND stole her.

I hate their new choice for Tiwa’s father, Nobert young to me is too calm and obviously can’t handle the drama queen that’s Mama Tiwa.

I am hoping Ndani TV doesn’t break lots of hearts with this new plot twist. I mean bringing Fabrice into the equation might mean Tiwa and Mide’s love story is about to end and I can’t tell you how disastrous such action would be for us SGIT lovers who are already planning aso-ebi colour for Tiwa and Mide.

#anxiously waiting for episode 3.


You can watch skinny girl in transit on YouTube @Ndanitv


Are you a fan of skinny girl in transit?

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