Hello lovelies,
Today I will be talking about a skin secret some people don’t know.

Vitamin E is popularly know as a drug But a lot of people don’t know it’s great skin care product

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I began using vitamin E oil on my skin 2-3 months ago and I am shocked at the visible changes I noticed.

I usually apply a capsule of vitamin E oil mixed with Shea butter(ori) morning and evening everyday ( When I am not rushing out of the house to school).

When I went to the supermart to purchase this product, the lady at the cosmetics section told me that this particular brand comes in different colour based on your skin tone. It has Gold for fair people and other colours for dark/chocolate skin like mine. so many reasons why you should get a glowing skin by using vitamin e oil

Vitamin E oil has several benefits!


  • It Moisturises the skin very well
  • It helps to fade dark/acne spots
  • It acts as an SPF against the sun.. this is really good because those of us in Nigeria can testify that the harsh Sun

affects our skin.

  • It prevents dry/flaky skin
  • It acts as an antioxidant that helps to get rid of free radicals that damages our cells.
  • It equally prevents wrinkles and fine lines and leaves you looking younger.
  • Use vitamin E oil to make your dry lips soft and well moisturized
  • Using vitamin E oil on your nail cuticles can increase nail growth


  • Vitamin E oil acts as a stimulant to increase hair growth.
  • Can be use as a moisturizer for your hair i.e as hair cream/oil.
  • It prevents hair breakage
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The benefits of vitamin E are simply numerous.

I use my vitamin E oil for my face and neck region only, currently thinking of incorporating it into my body lotion as well because in the last 2 weeks I haven’t applied it faithfully due to very early classes that make me rush out of the house looking like………… (fill in the gaps).

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You can effectively use vitamin E oil as a moisturizer for your full body by adding it to your body lotion.

Just so you know it didn’t work like magic rather it worked slowly but it worked well.

It really reduced the appearance of my acne scars and kept my dry skin moisturized and glowing.

The amazing part is that I purchased this full can at #400 Naira only.

If you leave outside Nigeria, you can get it on Amazon just click here.

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What’s your beauty Secret? Do share with me.

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  1. First time i bought this was around January and then it sold for N250 but recently it goes for N400 like you mentioned. The glow this vit E gives is sth else. My bottle just finished yesterday, i actually do mix mine with my body lotion. Dear, your body is glowing. Thanks for this review.

  2. Sis, Vit E is the truth!!! Its great for skin and hair too. Your face is goalssss….xxx
    Surviving the Nigerian Police

    1. The vitamin e,capsule people normally swallow is superb,when you mix it with Vaseline n apply it overnight. Its wow!!

      1. please where can I get this in Lagos…have searched everywhere ever since have been told about it…but all to no avail… please can u tell me where to find this here…I wish I could go get mine today tho

  3. please am a fair person….which of the vitamin e should I put on my cream ?
    is it the gold one?
    can I use vitamin w capsule?
    and how many please?

    1. Yes you can use it. For all skin types, will advice you to go for the fold capsules or the pink onebecause of your complexion.
      Usage depends on what you want to use it for.

  4. This vitamin E is the answer to all prayers of the skin, I mixed it with dodo lotion and I turned white like a ghost with a mad glow, the only downside of it was that the lotion gave me serious mighty man in battle pimples. I want to switch lotions to extract, I’ve seen good reviews on extract lotion and I’m hoping to add my vitamin E to it.

  5. I used it ones and it’s heavenly on the skin. But recently I bought one and unfortunately I got the face essence, which is in a cream form not oil, and it’s dry and whitish on the skin like Shelley. Pls where can I buy the vit e oil in Nigeria?

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