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Hello lovelies,

It’s a cold rainy morning and stuck in doors with nothing to do, I looked around and thought to myself. “isn’t this the right time to finally do some organising?”.

Well, that single thought brought about great change and a sense of fulfillment.

I know what you are thinking… that this is one very motivational post, well it depends on your definition of motivational. If your definition includes having a clean and well organised space with out much stress, then this is for you.

So last week despite my busy schedule I found time to read the book that changed my way of organising.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing by MARIE KONDO.

I am usually lazy when it comes to organizing because it can be stressful but recently I have realised that there is a certain joy that comes in having a home where you know what you own and where exactly they are.

I started by clearing out my entire closet which is what KONDO suggests that you declutter all at once rather than in batches reason being that if you do a batch this weekend and schedule another batch for next weekend you would have scattered it all before the next week.

This is what my clothes looked like after piling them up on the bed.

KONDO has a very different approach to tidying up, previously I tidy up by letting go of anything I feel should go but KONDO says that’s the wrong way rather she opines that you should take out time to communicate with your clothes. Don’t freak out, it is simple just ask your this question


Yes, just that! That is Kondo’s secret to a well organised space. Ask yourself if that shirt sparks joy? What do you remember that evening dress for? Did you wear it out on a date with the love of your life, does it light you up whenever you see it? If yes then keep it.


Kondo says we should only let go of things that we don’t have a mental connection with.

So I started out with my denims, kept the ones that “sparked joy” and let go of those that didn’t. For me sparking joy was that the denim has a good fit, is comfortable and not worn out, anyone that didn’t fit into those three reasons was thrashed.

See the way the denim is folded, the Kon Mari way.

Kondo also suggests folding and arranging your clothes vertically, that way you can easily see them in your closet.

She also suggests that you should put colours into consideration when arranging your clothes as it makes it easy for you to know where to go to when looking for a particular outfit.

I followed this method and ended up with a very organised wardrobe(I pray it stays that way forever.. lol).

After sorting out my wardrobe, I moved over to my books and it was then I realised that I just had a host of irrelevant stationeries and papers. Some of my markers had no ink while some were not just writing… I threw them all away. Then papers, I am one of those people who believe in hoarding every thing in black and white as I believe my might come in handy some days(a habit I picked up from my aunt) but with a new mindset this time around, I settled down, looked through them and threw away the unnecessary ones things like test papers for school, sheets I don’t use anymore etc. My past questions were also sorted out but I would be giving them to a friend who is in her 2nd year because she needs them more than my house does.

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After that, I moved over to my rack, my beauty supplies like lotion, cosmetics are all stored in this rack. So I poured them all on the floor and began sorting. I had about 2-3 old eye pencils I no longer use because they are so short. I had two empty foundation bottles and an empty olive oil bottle. I threw them all away.

The last process was my jewelries, in recent times, I have suffered from lack of jewelries which I think came from my bad storing habits. I misplaced most of my jewelries and so following the Kondo way, I cleared those that I couldn’t find both pairs and those that were already rusting.

Afterwards, I used this box that cane with my old phone to store my jewelries and I also used a playboy wristwatch box my sister gave to me years back to store the rest. ( If you don’t have boxes, you can use colourful bowls).

It took me almost 4hours even though my sister helped but I was satisfied with the results I got and I felt way way better and now I could just look around, smile, breathe in and marvel at how organised and accessible everything was.

I have resolved to Continue reading and getting tips from the organisation guru MARIE KONDO.

You should try this out, trust me you would love how everything looks afterwards.

Did you enjoy or find this post helpful? Would you try out this method? Do you want me to share more posts like this? Please leave a comment down below.

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  1. So good to see someone else who’s in the declutter journey. I only fold that seriously when I travel and try to pack more stuff into my suitcase. I am typically not a folder at all. I hang pretty much everything! I’d hang my underwear if I could. I love seeing my clothes nicely hung in the closet by color and category. Lol. I think the beauty of all of this is that you chose what works for you really.

  2. I have decluttering once which was like a month back, poured all my stuffs out and started choosing what was going back in based on the possibility I’d still wear it. Lol my space ain’t that big for vertical arrangement but it’s sure a cool way to view all your stuffs.

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