How to clean up your makeup brush at home without a brush cleaner is a long over due post that has been sitting in my draft But thankfully it’s finally here….

Hello lovelies,

This post was inspired by the recent acne that broke out on my face.

Normally I would get one or two new pimples here and there especially during my period But since I started taking care of my skin I hardly have breakouts, so I was surprised over the last few days when I had one.

I thought about what could have happened And after thinking, I remembered my comment on this post by theblackkbeauty where I talked about some friends sharing my makeup tools a while ago and how I couldn’t use them until I clean them up and she @theblackbeauty advised me to do so……. unfortunately, I forgot, school has been so stressful that the only thing I apply on my face is lip gloss or lip stains and I didn’t apply makeup for weeks up until Some days back.

Well I used my makeup brushes that a friend with acne issues used some weeks back without cleaning them up and voila I ended up with an acne breakout.

For those of you who do not know, sharing makeup tools especially brushes can cause breakouts and other skin issues if you do not clean before use (not always though but you never can tell and so it’s better to be safe than sorry)

There are a lot of reasons why you should keep your makeup tools clean and they are;

  1. Bacteria breeds in dirty brushes
  2. It can clog your pores
  3. A dirty beauty blender would not give you a smooth and flawless application like a clean one would
  4. Colour mixtures that you didn’t bargain for… for example you used your eye-shadow brush to apply a gold colour today and you don’t clean up, tomorrow you might decide to go with pink or even black and during application, you would find out that residue from the gold of yesterday will still interfere with your colour for today
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These are reasons why you should endeavour to clean up your makeup brushes.

How to clean your makeup brush at home without a brush cleaner.

What you need.

  1. A shampoo or shower gel…. I used a shower gel.
  2. Iuke warm water
  3. A small bowl
  4. Your hands
  1. Mix your shower gel or shampoo with the Luke warm water in the bowl.

  2. Carefully dip your brushes in them, I said dip not throw the brush completely into the bowl because water getting to the settle at base of your brush bristles isn’t good for your brush.

  3. Gently massage the brush bristles from bottom of the bristles to the upper part. This way you are ensuring that you are pushing all the dirty out of the brush and not into the brush.

  4. Use your Palm as a brush cleaner, simply roll the brush around on the surface of your Palm repeatedly to remove stubborn makeup residues from the brush. I found this was necessary for my flat foundation brush and my eye shadow blending brush.

  5. Once your brush is clean, dip it into a bowl of clean water to rinse. I rinsed mine twice with two different set of clean water.

  6. Towel dry your brushes gently

  7. Place on a clean surface and allow to air dry. Some of my brushes dried the same day and others like my powder brush didn’t till the next day.

So there you have it, how to clean your makeup brush at home without a brush cleaner.

After they dried, I packed them into the pouch them came in.

I have had these Zaron brush set for over 2 years Now and I am only too glad that I purchased it then for about 3500 as the new price is almost double the old price. Zaron Is one of my best Nigerian Makeup brand, I have used several products from them.

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These brushes have served me really well and I don’t know what my makeup life would have been without them. I strongly recommend these brushes to people who want affordable Brushes with good quality.

If you want to improve your makeup game, I advice that you invest in good quality brushes that would help make your application more precise and easier.

I will recommend some affordable and good brushes from some site so you can purchase if you want to.

You can purchase the zaron brush set here

Click here, here, here, here to shop other products.

What makeup brush do you use and how do you take care of them? I would love for you to share with me.



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