GET YOUR FASHION RIGHT: how to never say “I have nothing to wear” ever again!

Hello beautiful people, so I have been going through a lot of financial breakdowns lately and so miraculously I have learnt how to save more and spend less.  The very first thing I learnt is how not to buy every cloth I see which is a major problem for a lot of women..  We buy, buy, buy But amazingly when we have an event, date or even classes, We still can’t figure out what to wear even when our closets are filled from top to bottom. So today I will show you how to make the most out of the clothes you have and never say “I have nothing to wear” ever again. 

LET THEM GO!                               

 I realized that some of the clothes in my wardrobe are due to be out of my wardrobe and so I took yesterday afternoon off and sorted out outfits that are old, faded, too small, too big e.t.c.. Some I threw away, some I converted to rags and some I gave out.  It was a really big task because sometimes you don’t want to let go.  I had this top that I couldn’t just let go because I love it like crazy but at the end, I thrashed it. 

You have to let clothes that don’t work go because they are simply occupying space and while you think your wardrobe is filled, whenever an occasion arises, you realise that your full wardrobe is basically just a pile of nothing. 

               GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME!               

A lot of the “I have nothing to wear” problem comes from the fact that our wardrobes are filled with a lot of “jacks of all trades, master of none“...confused right? 

Here is how it really is; The Jack of all trades wardrobe is basically a wardrobe consisting of a whole lot of clothes but not in the right way and so you find out that when you need to go on that date with the handsome  “Mr” you have been crushing on, your wardrobe becomes a “master of nothing”( This is every girl’s nightmare..) Most times, the problem is that we don’t follow the meat and potatoes  rule by Legendary designer Micheal Kors 

the meat and potatoes  rule by Legendary designer Micheal Kors

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Meats and potatoes refer to basics i.e Blacks and neutrals such as nude, cream, grey and white.  While icing and fluffs are colours in general i.e pink, blue, green, silver etc.  Most times we fill our wardrobes with lots of coloured clothes and so when you try to dress them up, you realise that you are “colour rioting”. So from henceforth, stick to the meat and potatoes rule, let more of your wardrobe be made of black and neutrals….   Ever heard the saying that classic women wear BLACK?, now is the time to activate the classic woman in you. Take a clue from Linda Ikeji, she loves black and she looks darn good in it.


Personally I have decided that my goal for July is to shop more neutrals


Another very important wardrobe essential is a get pair of jeans because you can wear them basically anytime.  

Having a good pair of jeans that show off  your assets is a wardrobe plus. (I have a post of different types of jeans for your body type) Click here         

            TAKE AN INVENTORY.              

      Most times, the problem of ” I have nothing to wear” arises because we don’t ever remember all the clothes we have. Which is a problem I face majorly and So I decided to take an inventory of the clothes I have. You can simply do this with your diary and a pen, just write the outfits you have, how many pairs of colours you have them in…. and so on.  Trust me, when you are done you will marvel at the amount of clothes you Own. 

If writing it all down is too much stress for you, don’t panic…. Technology to the rescue!…  There are several style apps you can download on your phone and all you have to do is snap, snap and snap your clothes and store on these apps.  So whenever you have an event, you simply open the app, go through your clothes catalogues and voila! you know what to wear.  I use apps like CLOSET+, POSE & STYLITICS…you can easily download them on play store.  (If you would like me to do a review of the best apps to use, leave a comment below)

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                    GET CREATIVE.                         

    Nothing says goodbye to “I have nothing to wear” like being creative does.

Several times we skip wearing some outfits because they just don’t work.  This is where your creative juices are needed. Spice up your outfits with the right accessories and you would be surprise what huge difference it makes.

  • Large chunky earrings/ statement necklaces can totally revamp your look.
  • Sun glasses are a perfect way to add glam to your look.
  • The right shoes will throw you from looking like a bomb blast to looking like a bomb shell.
  • Bag it up!  I don’t know about you but I consider bags  a total fashion statement. Your bag can add classy, casual or fun to your look.

Follow these tips and saying Good bye to HAVING NOTHING TO WEAR. 

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Have you ever experienced the “I have nothing to wear syndrome?. I would love to hear about it in the comment section 

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