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Fashion isn’t so stressful.

When some of us think fashion, we think like its one uphill task that we will never become pros at.  Fashion isn’t so stressful, all it requires is your creativity.

Fashion isn’t so stressful, is me trying to show you ways you can achieve your fashion goals without breaking the bank.

Today, we are talking about WARDROBE BASICS.

our wardrobes are usually filled to the brim and yet we complain about not having clothes to wear out.  This is because you didn’t build your wardrobe starting off with the basics. Did I hear you say oh wow! Well don’t panic, I am here to help 😀.

So to start up your wardrobe, you will need the following;

  • Jeans 👖 : This is the holy grail of fashion to me, jeans can’t do no wrong.  I mean they are simple, affordable and they show off your curves effortlessly (3 gbosa for whoever created Well with all I have said you would think any jean trousers You See displayed is the perfect fit but sadly it doesn’t work that way (of course, good things can’t  be so easy-breezy).  A lot of people have issues finding their perfect jean size and hence end up with either too tight jeans or baggy jeans. You have to determine your exact jean size, so walk into a store, try on new jeans and find the one that fits you best.  Have it in mind though that your body can have several jeans sizes based on What kind of jean trousers you are shopping for e.g boot cuts, high rise jeans or low rise jeans (popularly called high waist and low waist jean in Nigeria). There are so many different types of jean trousers (sadly, I can’t put them all here 😔….. However, I will make a post on all the types soon).   

So to start up your wardrobe go get some denim jeans and show off that a**.

  • Image from fashionnova
  • A dress 👗: Every lady must have a dress in her closet, like must, like really must…. It is a must that you have a dress or two in your closet for very special events like that dinner date with “Mr lover lover” or a wedding ceremony. Dresses show your feminine side, they make you soft and sultry. Dresses come in different styles and colours but the most essential dress you should have in your wardrobe basics Is the legendary LBD (little black Dress). 

Shop this look here



  • Jackets : jackets are compulsory because they can make an outfit go from plain to fab, from not-so-serious to serious, from casual to classy  There are several types of jacket (types of jacket post coming on soon)..   Shop this look here
  • Skirts: A very fitted,sleek and gorgeous skirt is a must have in your wardrobe. This can be worn to church when paired up with your jackets and tops. 

Shop this look here

  • Tops: Tops are compulsory outfits (except you want to go nude.. Lol). I advice that you go with basic white tees that can fit with your jean or whatever you want to pair them with.


    • Ankara: If you do not have an Ankara piece in your wardrobe,  I put it to you that you are not Nigerian(lol). Ankaras are the wave of the moments.  They are always beautiful and colourful and the best part is you get to pick your own designs. Ankara can be made into kimonos, rompers, gowns, trousers…….the list is endless!.
      @bveyofficial on instagram
Yours truly
  • Underwears: This changes everything, most people do not pay attention to their underwear because so far they are concerned it isn’t seen and so it doesn’t deserve special attention.  Sorry to burst your bubble honey!. Your underwear defines your entire outfit.  Wear the wrong panties and have their lines showing off or wear the wrong Bra and make your boobs look sagged. Just as there are sizes for other wears,  there are also sizes for underwear, so go to a Lingerie shop and get measured or better still get your girlfriend and use to a tape rule and help you get your  measurements. 



Shop this look here

Now that you know your wardrobe basics, go on and implement them.

Watch out for my next “fashion isn’t so stressful” post.



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