About last night: celebrating Rivers state at 50 with the play king Jaja of Opobo.  

Rivers state is celebrating her fiftieth anniversary and one of the events put in place is a play production of King Jaja of Opobo written by Miesoinuma Minima and directed by Dr. Ovunda Ihunwo.

I attended with a couple of friends and the experience was a terrific one.  

It was a very  well organised event, security was tight and the atmosphere lovely. 

My favorite scene was the coronation, It was so beautiful and colourful, The rich Bonny culture was fully displayed. 

The lighting was top notch.

Acting was good (could have been better) 

Costumes were beautiful and rich 

Sound was okay but I was straining to hear the words of the “white men”, their mics probably had issues.

The stage was so well made, It was an art on its own!.

The event was highly successful as the event hall was filled to the brim with very excited  audience who couldn’t help but scream and applaud the performance 

Well, I expected nothing less than perfection as the thespian crew consult never fails to deliver a mind blowing performance. 

Kudos to the cast and crew. 

My apologies over the poor picture quality.




My name is Gift Collins and for several reasons I know I am *GIFTED*

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