styling a shift dress has never looked so easy!

Hello beautiful people, how’s your day going so far? Mine has been slow and almost boring If not for YouTube( yes! I have been catching up on my favourite youtubers) I am one of those people who are guilty of burning all their data on YouTube videos.

So basically this post is me talking about this really comfortable dress I wore the other day and I totally loved it.

I am the type of girl who thinks of comfort whenever fashion is mentioned.
I mean I don’t want to be in a very tight-choking dress that would leave me feeling uncomfortable all day just because I want to look fashionable, hell no!

This dress was thrifted right in my room, I didn’t go looking for it as the lady brought it to my house.
So basically I am a student and if you are one too especially in Nigerian universities, you would definitely understand what I am talking about. People come around students hostels to sell their goods, they are usually called “things for sale” people because that’s usually what they chant when they come around to sell stuff.

I got this dress for a ridiculous amount which I can’t really remember but it was nothing expensive, less than a thousand Naira.

I had two reasons for picking this dress and they are

  1. Side pockets: I am a big sucker when it comes to dresses with side pockets as they are very resourceful, you can hide your chipped nails in them comfortably and you can always wear them without carrying a bag because you already have pockets to put in your stuff plus it’s so much fun to play around with the pockets like I did.
  2. Over sized: someone please tell me I am not the only one who loves loosely fitted clothes. I love them because they make you feel free and at home and if you are someone who cherishes your body’s comfort, this is a good/easy way to be comfortable.
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styling a shift dress.

I would definitely love to wear these dress casually in Two ways with either sneakers or sandals.

A sneakers definitely if I am going to school or if I have a lot of running around to do it I just want to look casual and laid back

and a sandals If I just want to add some “jazz” to it like I did.

Outfit details

This dress is a very pale pink colour which I think is called crepe pink.

Dress-thrifted ( similiar here and here)

Shoes-River island (my favourite shoes, it’s so easy to walk in) same shoe in cheers to New beginnings

Glasses – street vendor (see here)

Now to the other thing I wanted to share with you all, I recently started learning about gratitude after reading this book.

The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life by Janice Kaplan

because I realised that I was becoming more of a complain box.
Fusing over little things and being obsessed with becoming more and not being grateful for what I have so far.

Now I am not saying that striving to become more Is wrong or anything of such but I think we sometimes get so caught up in that so much that we forget that some others wish to be where we are or have what we have.

So we ought to learn to be grateful for what we have while we push for more.

I have a lot of expectations and goals for 2017 and some of them have not come through at all and some others have but I keep thinking of those that are yet to come and never stop to say I am grateful for those that have.


Showing Gratitude goes a long way to opening New doors.

So this is me saying I am grateful to God for life and all.

I am grateful to my family and friends for always being there and last but not the least, I am grateful to you, yes you! My darling blog readers who have encouraged me so far with your likes, comments, mails, Dm’s and more. Thank you guys so much.

P.s. Today is my blog anniversary and today is making it 4 months of pure awesomeness… I am super excited about what is to come and I hope y’all will continue to walk down with me on this blogging journey. Love you all 😘 😘

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