Blogging has taught me So many things yet some days i still feel like screaming because it’s all so complicated!

10 things blogging taught me www.giftcollins.com


As a student of Theatre and film studies, I heard a lot of demeaning statements from friends and random people regarding my course of study, statements like;

  • you don’t have any problems.
  • your course is so easy
  • the only thing you people do is act and dance.

so many insensitive statements and I usually say to myself “if only they know how strenuous being a theatre art student is”.

Anyways i got used to people undermining my course of study but little did i know that my next line of action, that is blogging would attract such statements too.

Bloggers are highly underrated in our country, people fail to see all the work we put in to serve them the best contents and provide useful engagements.

When people hear you say ”I am blogger” they think it’s all rosy and you are just having fun. They have absolutely no idea about how complicated blogging can be.

This is part one.

I have decided to start a series on blogging related issues and this is the maiden edition, i hope you all love it.

This series would deal with blogging challenges, problems, encounters we have/face as bloggers, give insights on tips and topics to help you in blogging and also ways you can turn your passion into a business.

This series would feature here and sometimes on The blogger point website on Wednesdays (so look out for it)


10 things blogging has taught me

  1. YOU ARE ENOUGH: Blogging requires you to put yourself out there and a lot of people(including myself) tend to shy away because they think they are not just good enough. The first thing blogging has taught me is the fact that “I AM ENOUGH”. Enough to have people from all over the world visit my little space daily….If this isn’t enough motivation for you, then i don’t know what is.
  2. CONSISTENCY: I cannot say I have been very consistent since i started blogging but I try to always publish at least one post every week. My blog schedule though says a new blog post every three days but my life lately has been really stressful and I hardly followed my schedule these past weeks. Being consistent in blogging can not be over looked because it portrays you as an unserious blogger especially because you leave your readers hanging….. I have learnt to try as much as possible to minimize the number of times i say ” I am sorry i have been AWOL” to my readers.
  3. IMPROVED MY GEOGRAPHY: Checking my blog statistics is one of my favourite things to do because I love to keep up with my blog traffic performance and also to see which countries my traffic is coming from. Blogging has helped me become more conversant with the world map and i absolutely love it when views from a not-so-well-known country pops up. I quickly head to google to read up fun facts about the country….

    I never fail to always sleep and wake up with them by my side! Blogging has made me cultivate the habit of always keeping writing materials close by so I can write down ideas immediately they come in and I do this mostly at nights. While discussing with Zobam yesterday, she suggested I get a voice recording app as it is more efficiently in storing your spur-of-the-moment ideas and we all know such ideas end up becoming really good.

    10 things blogging has taught me

  5. ADMIRATION IS OKAY BUT SAY NO TO UNHEALTHY COMPARISON: It is okay to admire, it is okay to set goals using your role models, it is okay to learn from them but do not make the mistake of subjecting yourself to unhealthy comparison because just like life, this blogging thing works for different people in different ways. Some achieve fame overnight and some it takes longer. Just keep giving it your best and soon you will be a role model to others.
  6. STAND OUT: Blogging has taught me that there is a need to Carve a niche for yourself, have a unique selling point be it your style of writing, creativity, stylish outfits, flat lays, Diy hacks or whatever you have a passion for.

    10 things blogging taught me www.giftcollins.com
  7. CELEBRATE LITTLE MILESTONES: Just because more is to come. As a sort of New blogger, the blogging world can be really frustrating but these little milestones are gentle reminders that you are making progress.
  8. BLOGGER FRIENDS ARE THE BEST: I have learnt that the blogging community can be one with fierce competition but still there exists some of the most beautiful hearts who are committed to helping you grow. I have made quite a few and I have no regrets.    10 things blogging taught me www.giftcollins.com                                                                                                                  special shout out to Samuel Chinedu of Nextnaijaentrepreneur who never fails to guide me. To the Blackk beauty for showing me so much love, Vincent, Zobam and of course to everyone from TBA and Instagram, you guys are amazing.

    lessons from blogging
    Image by yours truly(me), feel free to use but don’t forget my photo credits.

  9. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE POWERFUL: Some times we spend our time fussing over unnecessary things. We seek for perfection but sorry to burst your bubble perfection only exists in our imaginations. The search for perfection limits many bloggers as they become less productive. have you ever noticed how some posts you feel were terrible turn out being loved by your readers. Do your best and leave the rest for your readers, they determine what works.
  10. PICTURE PERFECT? HELL YEAH!: No matter how terrible it looks, it’s nothing the right editing can’t handle. I have learnt to edit my pictures to what suits me or my blog/brand using apps like snapseed, vsco cam, preview app, photo grid and several others.


10 things blogging taught me

10 things blogging taught me

I am really enjoying my experience as a blogger.

loving the knowledge i keep gaining on daily basis

loving that the world is watching my little space ( feel like a celebrity) lol.

These are the few things things i have learnt from blogging, what about you?

what have you learnt from blogging?




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  1. You definitely checked off everything on the list as regards your blog post. And the blog traffic from different countries thingy? Well I did that a lot this week and i was surprised to see some certain countries on my stat.

    Thanks for the love too girl, you were one of the first persons i formed a connection with on the blogsphere and i really do appreciate that. Looking forward to reading your posts on the blogger point website. Well done!

  2. Its great what blogging can do to someone. Apart from helping you out put in some new skill sets, it can be of great help in making you consciously set goals and see how your efforts plays out.

    And to some point you feel responsible to something, somehow, someone somewhere, and I don’t really get why the subconsciousness. But its funny.

    Great thoughts you shared.
    Peace! 🙂

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