Tips And Tricks For Travelling With Kids

Tips and Tricks for Travelling with Kids

Kids can be a handful, I know this from experience. As a 20 something year old Nigerian aunt to my little nieces and nephews, I have had my own fair share of experience babysitting them, feeding them, cleaning them up and honestly those are very tasking duties. I thought I had seen it all until I had to travel with them. That was the day I believed in the phrase “kids can do wonders”. Their incessant disturbance and unrest through out the trip was worrisome. So much that it drew stares from other passengers and trust me I felt completely embarrassed. That’s not to talk of the fear that gripped me when Enoch( my nephew) disappeared from sight. However, after a few of such trips with them, I learnt the various tips and tricks for travelling with kids. This post is to share with you Tips and tricks for travelling with kids so you don’t learn the hard way, like i did.

1. Book Ahead

The very first tip when travelling with kids is to ensure you book ahead of time. This will enable you have a clear picture of your trip and thus you can start packing little by little. Great tip right? yeah I know but here’s the trick, The earlier you book, the better for your sitting position. Booking early means you will get a good seat position and not somewhere cramped and stuffy at the back. Kids hate such places! They would immediately show you their disapproval with loud shrilling cries. This can easily signal the start of a bad trip. So book early because Good seat position means less worry. Don’t worry, Travel Start got you covered, you can book your trip ahead of time on Travel Start

2. Pack Up, Pack Light

I bet you are wondering how possible it is to pack light when travelling with kids. It is very much possible when you pack up in time and in style. After Booking your flight, then start to pack your bags ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on any kids essentials. A great tip and trick for travelling with kids is to pack in style. Settle down and make a list of all your kids use at home ; toiletries, toys, gadgets etc. Next, strike out those that are unnecessary and also those you can easily buy when you get to your destination. Then follow your edited list and pack. Also try as much as possible to resist what if’s kind of packing so you don’t end up with a lot of what if’s clothes, shoes etc that you wont need at the end of the day. This simple tip will help you put away excess luggage and make your travelling bags light.


3. Check in Early

Next, make it a point to check in Early. When travelling with kids, it can take you a while to settle down. This is where checking in early becomes very helpful. When you do so, you have ample time to organise yourself and your kids. Leaving no chance for any form of rush whatsoever. Also, you can use the time left to cross check your hand luggage to ascertain that you have all your handy baby products like baby wipes. etc.

4. Dress for the Occasion

Dress the kids appropriately, because kids tend to react negatively when they are not properly dressed for the occasion. An overly thick cloth in a hot environment will make them cranky. A light cloth in a cold environment will likely give them a Flu. The distance to your destination also matters. If you are on a flight to USA, such flights are long and exhausting, its best you pack two outfits for them.

tips and tricks for travelling with kids
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5. Travel with the Toys

Mummy where’s my barbie? Mummy I want my Barbie……..Picture that scenario. After asking for his/her toys without getting them, the next thing is a sad/gloomy child who misses his/her toy. That’s not even the worst case scenario, they can throw a fit over it and cry till the attention of every passenger is drawn to their plight. Stay on the safe side by carrying along some of their favourite toys. Try to fit them into your hand luggage for easy reach or better still let the kids hold it themselves.

6. A Special Treat

Kids are extremely adorable creatures and it doesn’t take much to get into their good graces. You know that special treat your kids like, those treats that once mentioned get them on their best behaviours? Yeah, carry them along and keep them handy….best spot would be your handbag or you can make them carry a back pack filled with special treats as reward for when they are good kids. However, don’t let them consume so much at a go. Sugar rush is real and trust me you don’t need that extra adrenaline.


7. A Love Tag

Remember at the beginning of this post I said kids can do wonders? Well I meant that in every sense of the word wonders. A moment of distraction and they can disappear from sight. Hence, it is very important that you brand your kids. A simple tag made with love and containing details like their name and your phone number can come in handy when they perform disappearing acts. The tag makes for easy recognition and also help good Samaritans contact you ASAP.

8. Don’t Forget the Medications

Always make sure you carry along their medications if they are on any. If not, it doesn’t hurt to carry along some aspirin or multivitamins, they are light weight and might come in handy.

9. Relax, It’s just a Trip

This last tip is ironical but really you need to worry less. It is just a trip and 99% of the time it goes without a hitch once you plan carefully. If you follow the aforementioned tips and tricks for travelling with kids, you are several steps ahead and so almost nothing can go wrong. So, relax, read a book or feed your eyes on the beautiful landscapes.


From your Favourite 20 something year old Nigerian aunt with love.



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