Kim Kardashian West is a reality star and entrepreneur whose claim to fame is a leaked sex tape by an ex boyfriend. But like I always say,  tons of people have had their sex tapes released but still they are no where near as famous as KIM K.  

The KIM k’s curse has definitely got to be “turning everything to platinum”.  The 36yr old reality star has excelled at everything she ventured into. 


She co-founded the DASH stores with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe.  She has over four different fragrance lines, she co-founded the online shoe company shoedazzle. com which was estimated to be worth about $300million in 2012.


Kim launched a game in 2014 Kim Kardashian Hollywood which was among the top 5 most downloaded apps on Apple Store.  Her emoji app “Kimoji” literally broke the internet( what she does everytime). 


Kim has released several fitness videos that have grossed millions in sales


Kim released a track tittled turn it up in 2014 and recorded over 14000 downloads immediately and she topped as number 1 the billboard hot 100 chart. 

Magazine cover. 

Her paper magazine cover on 2014 broke the internet. The paper magazine site recorded 15.9million views in one day as against 25,000 views..  Talk about the Kim’s Curse. 

Reality show

Her family’s reality show keeping up with the Kardashians remains one of the highest grossing reality show. 



She has several cosmetic lines together with her sisters but some days back she launched her “KKW BEAUTY CONTOURING STICKS” and she made 14.4 million dollars in minutes.  

Queen of social media

Kim has over 100 million subscribers on instagram and she held the position for the most liked picture in 2014.

Everything Kim does records so much success that leaves me wondering how she does it?  

The best part of these is “she markets herself”. While a lot of people pay to be popular, Kim makes herself popular all on her own. 

Although most people would criticize her over her nudes and what have you but you can’t deny the fact that nothing seems to stop her,  not even the Paris robbery!.

Sometimes I wonder who patronises her merchandise because most people on social media speak Ill about her. 

Her case totally reminds me of that 2face’s song that says “If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody”.

Kim made 14 million dollars in minutes selling contouring sticks. Just imagine that. 

What’s your take on the KIM KARDASHIAN issue? Would you agree that she has done so well for herself  or not? 

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