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The carbohydrates factor: Nigeria’s biggest food challenge.

Yellow garri

A typical Nigerian can go an entire day just eating carbs and it’s not because they just want to feast on food with high carbs but rather because the society they live in cherishes one type of food that is carbohydrates. Garri, Fufu, starch,pounded yam,  semo, tuwo, rice, bread, yam, pasta(spaghetti) are all carbohydrate based.

Jollof Rice -Nigerian most popular rice meal

In a typical Nigerian home, their meal plan for the day is bread for breakfast, Eba for lunch and rice for dinner. 

Carbohydrates Are Necessary but not Essential 

Our  Body requires a certain amount of carbohydrate. 

Carbohydrates are classified into simple and complex.  Simple carbs are easily digested and are mostly sugar based while complex carbs as it’s name implies are not quickly digested.  Examples of simple carbs are donuts, table sugars

 e.t.c. Examples of complex carbs are potatoes, grains… Etc. 


Carbohydrates serves as your body’s main source of energy but too much of carbs are not good for you because your body will only take what it needs which is actually a little amount and leave the rest to turn into unhealthy fat. 

Some disadvantages of high carbs includes

  • Weight gain
  • Increase in sugar level

So if you are a bread, Eba, rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively kind of Nigerian,  you need to STOP Now and revamp your meal plan. 

It is difficult to scrap carbs from your meals because it’s what’s prevalent in Nigeria but there are little tips you can use to enhance the nutritious value of your meals. 

Breakfast: learn to incorporate leafy vegetables and proteins to your breakfast.


Lunch: If you must eat “swallows” then ensure your soup is packed full with “goodness”. Lots of fishes, sea foods, vegetables and less oil. 

Pounded yam

Dinner: should be the simplest meal you should have.  Remember that you ought to eat lunch like a beggar.  Minimal amount of whatever you are to eat and ensure you add fruits to your dinner. N.B

We crave carbs especially when we are stressed out or tired because our corridor level is elevated.  So,  avoid stress in order to help yourself from craving excessive carbs.

Carbs is simply a short form of carbohydrates 

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