Hello lovelies, happy Sunday to you all. 

I am wide awake at 1:25am and instead of burning my data all night long I decided to do this Sunday outfit throwback.  

So, sometime last year I was taking a walk around my university and I saw this skirt on a mannequin and I totally loved the way it held on to the body frame and I was like alright We have to check this out. 

I put on my “bargaining suit” and set out to talk to the seller.  Well from 2000 Naira, I eventually got this for 800n and I still wasn’t happy as my goal was to get it at 500 Naira.
I bought this skirt because it’s light weight and it’s definitely going to show off my assets behind 😂. Besides I needed to “red up” my wardrobe.. lol.  I usually pick a colour every now and then and shop solely those colours and it happened to be that red was my colour for that month. 

I am not a big fan of skirts…. Infact I own only about 4 skirts( don’t laugh at me please) but somehow I really liked this skirt. 

Outfit 1

I paired the skirt up with my favorite white/silver beaded blouse and a pair of atmosphere sandals. 

Jewelries as you can see were very minimal; I had on a pair of silver earrings and my wrist watch. 

Outfit 2 

This look was basically an emergency look.  I remember Nepa failed me that Saturday night and I couldn’t wear my proposed outfit because it was rumpled. So while my friend Joy was screaming Gift, we are running late for church, I kept rummaging through my wardrobe frantically looking for something else that would work. I eventually ended with this look. Accessories are extremely minimal… I had another silver earrings on and that was it. 


I know I didn’t really hit jackpot with both looks mainly because I tried to play safe..  But I totally loved both looks, they were easy, laid back and most especially comfortable and being comfortable is a major necessity for me. 

Photo credit- Hafiza Momodu @Mz_krims

Do you own any red outfit be it a skirt, top, trousers or gown? Then tell me how you styled it.  

If you would love to feature on our Sunday outfit post please mail me your pictures at 

Please ignore the terrible backgrounds and the really dark photos.  



My name is Gift Collins and for several reasons I know I am *GIFTED*

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