National Youth Service Corps.


Nysc is the first step of your graduate life as a Nigerian student. Basically it means a call to serve the country faithfully immediately after university graduation. It is a compulsory for graduates below the age of 30.

A lot of people dread it and consider it a waste of time while others want the full nysc experience.

Once again, Nysc placement is out for stream 1 and social media has gone agog with everyone talking about #Nysc.

Those tweets are so hilarious but it doesn’t come close to my mum’s reaction when she heard my brother was posted to Katsina state. She went all like how? why? Boko haram?……😂.

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Actually Katsina was his last choice but you see these NYSC people, they stay true to their name, they ensure that you are going to really serve and not do some other thing. So they give you your last choice as your placement.. 😂.

I have made up my mind then that Borno will be my first choice and Lagos my last choice, since they are in the habit of making your last choice your placement.

My brother isn’t the only unfortunate one, a lot of people are not happy with where they are to serve but that’s the fun of it all, you get to visit new places, learn new cultures and also adapt to them.  

For those of you who got posted today,  here is a big CONGRATULATIONS for you and me wishing you a wonderful service year.

As usual, Nysc posting came just days before camping. There are several nysc requirements and I will be discussing some of them below.

Here are a few tips on what to pack for your Nysc journey.

  • Call up letter
  • Statement of result
  • Photocopies of all your documents
  • Lots and lots of passports
  • A clear bag for your documents.
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Check the Nysc website for a list of all necessary documents. Click here

Personal effects.

  • Round neck T-shirts(white)
  • White shorts/knickers
  • White tennis sneakers

You will be given all these items in camp but trust me you will spend much more making adjustments at the mammy market than it would cost you to pack some from the house.

  • Padlock for your own security
  • Torch light
  • A waist pouch of sling bag
  • A water bottle….very very important, the tasks you do in camp would leave you parched and you can’t tell your coordinator who is a military personnel that you want to go get water in between parade… #theslapnogobehere. 😂
  • Antiseptic and if you like air fresheners.
  • Dozens of handkerchiefs
  • Panadol and other pain relievers…. You will need them.
  • Sun shades… Especially for those posted to the north .. I hear the sun can fry you.
  • Bed sheets and pillow cases
  • Plates and cultleries

If you like you can joke around with the things you need above,  but you see these ones, do not attempt to forget them.

  • Beverages: Nysc food is nothing to write home about.
  • Meal ticket: you will be given a meal ticket on arrival. Misplace it and stay hungry for 3 weeks
  • Money: you can forget everything else and money would solve your problems at the mammy market. No need for ATM cards, as some camps do not have ATM’s.

Those are the basic requirements, so ensure you make provisions for them.

I wish you all a great Nysc experience.



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