Look flawless everyday with these beauty tips. 

To have a flawless skin is not something to happen overnight, it takes time and dedication to get a great skin.  Look at it this way,  all the things that have gone wrong with your skin didn’t happen in one day,  it was a gradual process. Your skin rejuvenation process will also be gradual but if you follow this judiciously, you will see results faster than you think. 

To achieve a flawless skin,  you must first acquaint yourself with skin care processes.




 Clean your skin regularly with warm water and a mild soap, the African black soap is a good option. 

Exfoliate your skin at least twice weekly,  this helps to rid your skin of dead and flaky skin. To exfoliate use a good scrub,  there are several in Nigeria and of moderate prices or better still use homemade scrubs e.g sugar, oatmeal

Moisturize your skin, this is a very important process.  Apply your moisturizer religiously and ensure the moisturizer Is suitable for your skin type.  

Natural moisturizers are honey, coconut oil, olive oil, cucumber, shea butter (ori).

Protect: After going through the above skin care routine, you still have to protect your skin from the harsh Sun or you lose all your hardwork.  Sun protection lotions are a big deal in the western world but here in Nigeria, even though we need to protect ourselves against the sun more, we hardly do.  Sun protection lotions are hard to come across,  you only find them in big malls or online retailers like jumia or konga.  If you cannot get an SPF then you should use other means such as face caps,  sun shades and hats.  


A post on the different skin types will be up soon.  

Beautiful skin is the pride of a woman! 

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