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Everyday millions of people share pictures all over social media, we all have practically become photographers. Pictures speak a thousand words and tell a thousand  stories.

 Your popularity status on instagram and snapchat depends on how many followers you have and people follow you mostly when you have stunning pictures on your wall.  

So I have compiled four ways to achieve great images and rule your social media. 

  1. Camera resolution: cameras have different camera resolutions.  You have to make sure yours is at the highest. To do this simply go through your camera settings.
  2. Lighting: to get  great pictures you must ensure there is good lighting where you are.  No matter how great your phone’s in-built flash is, it cannot be compared to natural light, so always look for bright places to take your pictures
  3. Background: This is 100% important because the background enhances the beauty of the photo.  Always look for beautiful and neat places to take your photos. Examples of places that serve as good backgrounds are gardens, a well tarred road, white surfaces and walls.  If you pick the right backgrounds for your photos, you can live in Mushin and make your pictures look like you live in Lekki. 
  4. Edit!  Edit!  Edit!: Editing is the easiest cheat to achieve great images. You can use filters and smootheners to make your skin look lovely.  Editing can turn a bland picture to a beautiful one.  Some of the best editing apps for mobile devices are beautyplus and youcamperfect. You can also use external cameras with inbuilt editors like Camera 360.

Follow this tips and turn into a good photographer over night.  

What are you waiting for????  Start snapping away..  😍 😍 😍 

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