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It’s 3:18am and it’s the 12th day of July

This post was inspired while listening to Sia’s song unstoppable

Because while the music played on, I tried to think of anything that’s stopping me and one strongly came to mind. 

I have quite a few negative habits and at the top of them all has to be procrastinating.  

It’s the second half of 2017 and I strongly believe I must get rid of this habit before the month ends. 

I am a great girl but no where close to perfect, I have my flaws and my strengths and I want to reduce my flaws to the nearest minimum.


Procrastinating wasn’t something I would usually do while growing up and all but when I got into the university and when things like assignments came and we have a few lecturers who are not really stringent, So most times we prefer excuses to obedience. Simply give him/her reasons why the class needs more time for the assignment and all, Eventually I began to learn how to “push things forward“. I would give myself reasons not to do that thing that needs to be done at that moment and at the end I usually get into a fix trying to do dying minute fixing.  

Procrastinating has landed me in several unpleasant situations and most times eventually raises my stress bar because I would be doing everything possible to meet up. 

Image from invisible bread. Read above the sarcasm. 😂

When I started blogging, I realised that procrastinating has got to go.  So if a post idea comes up, I go to work rather than tell myself to chill and do it later. If you noticed, it has turned out really good, I have been more consistent recently.  

I am working towards eradicating procrastination and I am glad with the little I have eradicated so far and I am working hard to eradicate every atom of procrastination from my life… (this sounds like a prayer point. Lol) 

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So there you have it, habits I am trying to get rid of.  This post will have an update by the end of this month to tell you all if I achieved my aim of not…  
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Do you have any habits you are trying to get rid of or you have gotten rid of?  Then leave a comment down below let’s discuss.

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