Gift's living


  1. Good network connection: If you live in Nigeria,  you already know that having good network connection is rare.  Infact, in some areas there are no network connections on some networks.  Browsing and downloading is so cumbersome and can be really really frustrating.   So if you have good network connection in your home, you should be one of the happiest Nigerian. 😂
  2. Food to eat: with the recent developments in Nigeria such as political instability, economic crisis etc.  You are way better than a thousand others If you can afford food considering the high increase in the prices of food commodities. 
  3. Your phone screen isn’t broken: with the advent of modern sleek mobile phones, having a crack phone screen is almost unavoidable. Imagine how your heart cuts when your phone drops and you Remember it costs 20,000 thousand Naira to fix your screen.  If your phone screen is still intact, you are better than most Nigerians and not just that, the fact that you have a sleek phone places you above millions.  So be happy, your life isn’t yet over. 
  4. Good road where you live: If you do not have to wear a rain boat and Wade through muddy water to get out of your street, you should be happy.  If you are not, go ask those that live in Apapa. 
  5. That you are alive and well: If you are not happy about this then you need to visit a morgue.  Things are terrible right now but atleast you know you are alive and well which is one thing we don’t even know if the number one man in Nigeria is.  
READ THIS  What will you do? 

Remember that happiness is a choice.

Remember in due time it will come.



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