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The perfect denim jeans for women.      

Hello guys, so in my fashion isn’t so stressful post, I mentioned that I would do a post on the different types of denim jeans for the female folks and this is it. I didn’t just mention the different  jean types, I also specified in which is good for your body built.. 
Cut/ripped/distressed jeans


This is my no 1 because it’s currently in trend.  They are popularly called “gaga” jeans in Nigeria and are so in rave right now that almost every jean you see in stores have one cut or the other.  There are different kinds of distressed jeans, we have the mildly distressed and the seriously distressed. This jean type is a perfect fit for every body shape. However, for ladies with thick thigh it is advisable for you to avoid jeans that are distressed at the tight because it will only make your thigh look thick instead of slimmer.  The distressed jean is mainly for casuals but a mildly distressed jean can be paired up with a jacket to get a corporate casual look.  If you are a Nigerian girl I would advice that you keep your-distressed-jean-wearing-habit away from your Nigerian parents and relatives as most people consider ladies who wear distressed jean to be “spoilt”.

High rise jeans

High rise jeans are simply jeans that extend way above your navel area.  They are usually called high waist jean in Nigeria markets.  High rise jeans are perfect for ladies with full figures as it shows off curves very well. 

The low rise jean

This is the opposite of the high rise jeans and it is simply a jean that is 2-3 inches below your navel area.  This jean is popularly called low waist jean in Nigeria markets.  It was very popular during the 90’s and early 20’s.  Ladies wore it with a scarf tied around their waist to make it look modest. If you have really religious people around you, you might want to stay clear from the low rise jeans as it is mostly seen as inappropriate just like the distressed jean.


This jean is a perfect fit for petite and slim ladies as it accentuate their body frame. 

Boot cut

The boot cut is so named because  it easily accommodates wearing it with a boot.  The boot cut is usually fitted on its upper side and loose beneath.  

Flare jeans 

Flare trousers are a fashion statement everytime.  They are similar to the boot cut but the difference is based on where the loose fitting starts from, while in boot cuts the loose fitting starts above the knee, the flare jean is fitted until after the knee.  This jean style is gradually becoming a trend again. So,  if you have a flare jean that has been sitting pretty in your closet, it’s about time you bring it out and re-rock it.

  This jean type is perfect for ladies with long legs as it makes their legs look endless.  Ladies with petite frame, this is one jean type to avoid as its bagginess can overwhelm your body size. 

Skinny jeans 

Always a fashion favourite, skinny jeans are the go-to jean If you want to put all your curves in full display. They are tight fitted from top to bottom and effortlessly stylish.  The only problem this jean type has is the struggle to put it on.  

Every body type works with this jean.  

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Cuffed jeans

This jean is usually folded at the tips. You can actually turn any basic jean you own to a cuffed jean just by rolling the tips upward to the style you want. Women with big legs should avoid cuffing their jean as it can add more volume to their legs and hence make it look bigger. 

Mzz_tessyberry on I.G


This is a very stretchy jean that isn’t made out of the sturdy material which most jeans are made of.  A perfect example of a Jeggings Is the popular Aphrodite trouser in Nigerian markets.

Boyfriend jeans

This jean is so named because it gives a loose fitting and looks like you had a night over and stepped out the next morning putting on a pair of your “boyfriend’s jean “. It is very stylish when paired with sneakers and small tops.  It looks great on slim ladies. 

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Now you know the different jean types and the ones that works for your body shape.  So go ahead and add them to your wardrobe.  



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