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Hello lovelies

Welcome to the month of August!!

I am super excited about this month because I have lots of plans and because it means that I am a step closer to becoming a graduate.

July was a very good month for me. My blog stats really really improved and I felt encouraged to do more for the blog.

Well, August Is here.

It’s the very first day and a perfect time to write your lists for this month just like me.


  • Finish with my project work
  • Dedicate myself more towards my academics
  • Start preparing for examination
  • Read five new books (if you have interesting suggestions, let me know).
  • Visit the new Port-harcourt pleasure park.
  • Go see the movie Alter ego and Banana island ghost when it’s eventually released.
  • A BIG LIFE CHANGING SURPRISE (soon you will all know)

My list isn’t too long because I try to set realistic goals and not make a lot that would end up unfulfilled.

So what plans do you have for August? I would be glad to hear about them.

It’s a new month, don’t forget to be grateful to God for being alive and well.

Start the month on a positive note, do not be detered by anything, just make sure you work towards your goals.

Determination and hardwork would make those dreams come true.

How cool is this shirt that I thrifted? I totally loved the inscription on it. I wore it today as a reminder to myself that I have to work hard if I want my dreams to come true.

If you live in Nigeria, you should get a portable umbrella because the rains would get worst in August. I got drenched today, I considered it showers of blessing. Lol.



I wish you all a lovely and fun filled month.

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